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Zenipower batteries size 13

From $3.90 per card

(10 cards per box, 6 batteries per card)
1 $55.00 per box ($5.50 per Card)
2 - 4 $49.00 per box ($4.90 per Card)
5 + $39.00 per box ($3.90 per Card)

Same discounts apply when purchasing different sizes across the Zenipower range (e.g. 6 cards size 312 + 4 cards size 13 = 1 box)
To our new customers: hearing aid battery sizes can be confusing, especially when buying for a loved one. It is always more reliable to go with the colour, as there are only 4 colours of hearing aid batteries (yellow, brown, orange and blue). This listing is for ORANGE tabs size 13 batteries. Please make sure you are getting the right colour.

ZeniPower Hearing Aid Batteries Size 13 (A13) Orange Tab

Zenipower High-Performance Model 13 Hearing Aid Battery 1.45V
6 batteries per card. 10 cards per box.

ZeniPower 13 hearing aid battery features:

  • High Performance, Long Lasting Cell.
  • Long expiry date.
  • 26 Years of Experience Making Zinc Air Batteries
  • Super Heavy Duty, Max. output drain > 12 mA
  • 255mAh Super long life
  • Low internal resistance
  • Less sound distortion

Suitable for digital hearing aids batteries

ZeniPower Hearing Aid Battery Manufacturer

ZeniPower has been manufacturing zinc-air batteries for over 26 years and is the world's third-largest hearing aid battery manufacturer.

Size 13 ZeniPower batteries have been personally tested and trusted by thousands of our customers for their comparable long last performance and enduring life.

Equivalent Sizes:

Rayovac size 13, Duracell 13, Activair size 13, Power One p13, icellTech size 13, Siemens s13, Energizer size 13, 13, PR48, 13AU, 13HPX, DA13H, DA13, 13HP, AC13E, AC13, MZ8Z, CP48, 13AE, L13ZA, 13AE, 13A, H13AE, ZA13, 13SA, S13A, 13AP, V13AT, W13ZA, 13MF, ZA13, P13, 13DS, A13, PR13H

Suitable Hearing aids:

Behind-The-Ear (BTE), In-The-Ear (ITE), Receiver in canal (RIC)

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