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Earmold Cleaning Tablets - Hearing Aid Accessories

Dissolving wax from in and around Earmolds
$10.90 per box (20 Tablets)

Earmold Cleaning Tablets - Hearing Aid Accessories

Earmold Cleaning Tablets for Hearing Aids Maintainance and Care

For cleaning earmolds by removing stains and disinfecting with active oxygen. The combination of cleansing agents with active oxygen for optimum cleaning of earmolds. Recommended for use twice a week. 

Instructions for use:   

Caution: Never put the hearing instrument into the cleansing liquid!!

- Remove the insert from Cleaning Beaker with Basket. Fill the beaker with lukewarm water and add one tablet.
- Separate the earmold from the hearing instrument and place it in the beaker insert, then place the insert into the cleansing beaker.
- Allow earmold to soak for 15 - 30 mins or more (can be left overnight). After soaking, remove the insert and earmold from the beaker and rinse thoroughly with water.
- Ensure all moisture has been removed from in and around the earmold and tubing. We recommend the use of the Air Puffer for this purpose
- Reconnect your aid for use.

Note - Never put the hearing instrument into the cleansing liquid!!

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