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Compare Pack - size 312 - PowerOne Rayovac and ZeniPower (3 cards each)

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PowerOne, Rayovac, ZeniPower 3 cards each
1 $56.00 ($6.22 per Card)
2-4 $49.00 ($5.44 per Card)
5+ $42.00 ($4.67 per Card)

To our new customers: hearing aid battery sizes can be confusing, especially when buying for a loved one. It is always more reliable to go with the colour, as there are only 4 colours of hearing aid batteries (yellow, brown, orange and blue). This listing is for BROWN tabs size 312 batteries for normal hearing aids (not cochlear implants). Please make sure you get the right colour/size.

Hearing Aid Batteries Compare Pack Size 312 (312) Brown Tab

6 batteries per card. 9 cards per pack.
1 pack = 3 cards of PowerOne + 3 cards of Rayovac + 3 cards of ZeniPower
2 packs = 6 cards of PowerOne + 6 cards of Rayovac + 6 cards of ZeniPower
5 packs = 15 cards of PowerOne + 15 cards of Rayovac + 15 cards of ZeniPower etc.

Different hearing aid battery brands can have subtle variations in:

  • Zinc chemical formulations
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Patented technologies
  • Energy density
  • Discharge characteristics
  • Overall performance

These can affect how well they perform in a particular hearing aid and with a specific usage style.
Try a different battery brand. You may find a hearing aid battery brand that is better suited to your hearing aid and usage needs, providing a better fit and longer-lasting performance.

PowerOne Hearing Aid Battery

Made in Germany. Optimum service life and performance. Extreme reliability. Perfect anti-corrosion protection. Hearing aid batteries from Power One come from a long tradition. PowerOne combine the highest quality and reliability, extremely long life and maximum comfort. The rustproof batteries themselves have an outstanding service life, especially where high power demands are concerned. Behind all this is a special, patented technology that enhances cell voltage.

Rayovac Hearing Aid Battery

World-renowned brand. Made in the USA. Rayovac is proud to offer world-leading performance and the world’s No1 selling hearing aid batteries. Rayovac Extra Advanced pushes the boundaries in delivering high-performance long-lasting batteries. 110 years of battery manufacturing experience

ZeniPower Hearing Aid Battery

High Performance, Long Lasting Cell. Long expiry date. 26 Years of Experience Making Zinc Air Batteries. Super Heavy Duty, Max. output drain > 20 mA. 580 mAh long life. Low internal resistance. Less sound distortion. ZeniPower has been manufacturing zinc-air batteries for over 26 years and is the world's third-largest hearing aid battery manufacturer.

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